Born from a dream on the streets of Detroit, Pelle Pelle mastermind Marc Buchanan launched his vision into a global phenomenon that rocked the world hand in hand with the explosion of hip hop. Cutting edge designs, bold colors, in-your-face compositions, and top of line quality catapulted Pelle to the forefront of streetwear fashion and made Pelle Pelle a household name. The recognition can be seen everywhere; Music videos, movies, television shows, and countless other high profile events. Celebrities, athletes, and musicians embrace Pelle as a must-have in their wardrobe. Pelle Pelle has become one with the urban community and continues to be a mainstay in pop culture.

Over the last 3 decades, Pelle Pelle maintains its prominence in urban fashion through continuous innovation, evolution, cutting edge style, and fashion-forward products. The incredible attention to detail and unique sense of creativity stands apart as an original in the fashion industry. From state-of-the-art graphic driven sportswear to high-end embellished jackets every piece is a collector's item.

The vision, design sense, and achievements of Marc Buchanan are unparalleled. His keen eye for fresh color selection and premium fabrication intermingled with innovative embroidery and trim details continue to give Pelle Pelle that show-stopping appeal. The tradition of excellence continues and the loyalty to our customer never fades. Pelle Pelle has become a legend in the world of fashion, but the legacy is just beginning.